I came here a month ago after I engaged in some high risk sexual activity with a high risk individual. I wanted some advice and this sub had very few posts that are helpful. Most seem to be terrified individuals with little understanding on how these diseases actually work.

Let me tell you about my experience, my goal is to help someone going through something similar or put those at ease who are not well informed.

On January 3rd, I (23F) had a threesome with two men (both 25M). One I have been seeing for a few months who is straight, the other was some random guy I picked up from a bar who was bisexual. I did pretty much everything with those two. Oral, anal, vaginal, just the works. It was a damn fun night! But we got carried away and didn’t use condoms.

So I engaged in a high risk sex act (anal without protection) with a high risk individual (a man who has sex with other men). I was at risk for HIV (discreetly test for HIV) . so you might be asking yourself, what’s considered high risk? Ahh you are wise for asking and not jumping to conclusions.

High risk activities for HIV include:

  • Anal sex without a condom

  • Sharing needles

High risk people for HIV include:

  • Men who have sex with other men

  • Sex workers

  • IV drug users

So if you’re like me, and you see that you checked off more than one box, you’ve got 72 hours go get to a doctor and start PEP. I got to the doctor at the 30 hour mark, and started it about 36 hours after exposure. It’s been 36 days since the exposure, I took PEP for 30 days, and now I’ve been off it for five days. I went in to get retested for HIV today and the rapid results came back negative! Woo!

So maybe you only check off one box or maybe you check off multiple, PEP is available if you got carried away in the fun and are worried. Let me tell you though, these meds suck. They are horrible. I was nauseous for the entire month. Figure out if you’re really at risk before actually starting the treatment.

You know who you should ask if you’re not sure if you need if? Not this post. Not reddit. Not tour friends. You ask your doctor. I repeat, ASK YOUR DOCTOR. For Planned Parenthood at least, if you explain you think you were exposed to HIV they will do everything they can to get you in to the clinic in that 72 hour window. They do a full STD panel and then the doctor will discuss your risks and if they think it’s a good idea for you to start it.

I went in and the doctor had no questions about me going on it. My straight partner went in as well and told him he had virtually no risk from that night and it would be a waste to put him on it. ASK YOUR DOCTOR IF YOU ARE UNSURE (or find the best at home std test).

HIV is a hard disease to catch. If the random man I hooked up with had HIV, I have a 1.38% chance of getting it and that’s due to having anal sex. That’s so freaking low. Vaginal is even lower. If we only had vaginal sex it would be a 0.08% chance of me getting it. Yes, HIV is scary, but even if you partake in high risk behaviors, it is still a low risk.

Protect yourself by using condoms, look into PrEP if you’re at a higher risk, get tested regularly (home std test) , and talk to your doctor about PEP if you think you were recently exposed.

Good luck everyone and happy (safe) humping!

(This website has no affiliation with the author but found his story to be interesting and educational.)