Whether you have a diagnosed thyroid irregularity or are just curious about your levels, at-home thyroid testing gives you an accurate option for assessing your endocrine health without a trip to the lab. Affordable and private, these tests expand healthcare access for many who would otherwise forgo the lab work. Here is what you should know about at-home thyroid testing options.

There Are a Wide Variety of Thyroid Testing Kits

Not all thyroid tests are the same, so it wouldn’t do for at-home kits to only offer one type of test. While basic tests for thyroid-stimulating hormone are the most common, more specialized tests look at free T3/T4, antibodies, thyroid peroxidase, and thyroglobulin. This ensures that you are able to access the testing that provides the answers you need.

Testing at Home Is Easy

Once you order the kit, it is delivered directly to you. The vast majority of these kits require just a finger-prick blood sample. Upon collecting the sample, you ship it back to the company. Nearly all at-home testing companies include the postage and packaging needed to send them your sample. 

Trained Professionals Provide Analysis

Companies offering at-home thyroid testing kits employ licensed physicians and pathologists. In certified laboratories, they analyze the samples, create a report, and then send the report to the customer, typically by email or through the company’s app. These reports provide clear analysis and reference markers, making it easier for those without medical training to understand the results. 

At-Home Testing Has Clear Advantages

While it won’t be right in every case, at-home thyroid testing comes with many benefits.

Let’s start with the trend towards self-diagnosis. Pretty much everyone has Googled some symptoms they were having and decided that, based on WebMd descriptions, they have cancer. On the surface, at-home testing seemingly would exacerbate this. However, unlike going down the Google rabbit hole, these testing kits provide accurate information tailored to the client. 

Then there is the issue of economics. For those without adequate health insurance, traditional laboratory testing is prohibitively expensive. At-home testing kits are generally more affordable since they cut out a lot of the overhead traditional labs carry. Additionally, they are often covered through flexible spending and health savings accounts. 

Finally, it helps address a gap in healthcare when there is limited mobility. Whether due to a chronic condition, lack of transportation, or stay-at-home orders as we have seen with COVID-19, many people need testing but are unable to head down to the lab to get it. At-home kits bridge an accessibility gap that keeps millions of Americans from accessing the healthcare they need.

Are You Interested in Thyroid Testing At-Home?

Whether you are looking to save money or avoid crowds, at-home testing is a great way to get a better picture of your health. Check out these thyroid testing kits from LetsGetChecked.

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